In honor of Mental Health Awareness month, I thought I'd start sharing our story. Please know that this is just our story, and we are humbled by the complexity and individuality of each person's journey towards mental/emotional/spiritual/physical health. Please feel free to reach out if we can encourage or help in any way. It meant … Continue reading Mania

Say, “Yes”!

We were playing a version of the $20,000 Pyramid's Winner's Circle recently with some tween-aged girls at the After School Writing Club I lead with BreckCreate. The category was, "Things Parents Say." The first thing the clue-giver said was, "No!" Is that what parents are known for? The nay-sayer, the joy-kill, the hammer. We all laughed, but … Continue reading Say, “Yes”!

Take Them Hiking

Our family has always enjoyed hiking. Since the kids were toddlers, we took them exploring on trails and jumping in rivers, lakes, and streams all over Texas. As they've grown, the distances of our hikes have also grown. Over the last four years, we've chased popular trails all around the Western US, hiking through most of the National … Continue reading Take Them Hiking