I don’t know exactly why this topic fascinates me so much. I think I love watching it in action and seeing – does “ownership” really matter or make a difference in the way kids behave?

Parenting is such a tricky job, and we really want our children to grow up to be independent adults who take responsibility for their possessions and goals.

Well, recently, our kids have been showing me how important it is for them to take ownership of their own pursuits.

Isaac has spent his own money buying his lacrosse sticks and gear and even his electric guitar. The result is that he takes care of them better and cares more about these activities. I never have to remind him what to bring to practice. He owns the whole experience. Each aspect keeps affecting the other positively – because he owns it – he takes care of it – and he puts in the time to get better.

Gabe has taken ownership with technology – he helped buy his iPhone. He’s learned it inside and out – the technology of it, the tips and tricks. He’s obsessed – in a good way. And he knows way more than the average adult about it.

Jadyn recently bought a new bike. Don almost offered to pay for it all for her, but then she felt like, “Well, what was the point of working so hard, and saving up and waiting for it.” She had earned money from watching neighbors’ pets and also saved birthday and holiday money. We were humbled. We almost sent the wrong message!

These recent experiences have been great reminders for me to keep watching for ways to allow them to earn money and purchase the items that are important to them.


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