Spring Break Sweet Times

Well, this was unlike any Spring Break I was anticipating. We wanted to hike! We planned some local hikes with friends and tentatively planned a camping trip out to Big Bend. But instead, we all came down with the flu. Of course, if asked, we’d all say we wish we didn’t have it, but we’d also say that these have been some of the sweetest days as a family – low-key and chill, intimate and memorable. We’ve mostly laid around, watching great movies and reading books together. Every so often, we’d venture into public, trying to keep our germs to ourselves, but just needing a little ice cream cone or some sun.

The movies we watched all had one underlying theme: FAMILY. Many tears were shed on my part as I watched parents endure the grief of losing their child. We saw many dads step up and fight for their families or step in and look after another child without a dad/parent. All the movies made me grateful for the wonderful kids we have and the true gift of each moment and day we get to share with them, not to mention feeling super lucky for the Daddy my kids are blessed to have. Many movies were based on true stories, and so gave me perspective on life and family.

The best parts, though, were watching our kids love the movies and “get” the message as we talked about them afterwards.


Curious to know our line-up?

The Blind Side
Soul Surfer
A Big Year (only if you like birds 😉

Others that we have also enjoyed this year as a family include:

Dolphin Tale
Facing the Giants
My Dog Skip
Real Steel

Let me know if you enjoyed any of these as a family as well and if you have any other recommendations of more recent great family movies!

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