Work is Good

Several years ago, I thought of a mantra to share with my middle child:

Work Is Hard.

Work Is Good.

Work Takes Time

He would repeatedly get frustrated when his schoolwork or chores were more challenging or time-consuming. I felt like it was because he had wrong expectations and beliefs. Most of our frustrations in life come from missed expectations.

Therefore, if he believed that work is inherently good (not bad), hard (not easy), and that it takes time (not always completed immediately and that there are trade-offs), he would be able to embrace life for what it really is. He could tackle the task at hand without adding the burden of an extra emotional layer of frustration.

Today, I ran up against this same myth with my youngest and was able to share this mantra. I heard her repeat it a few times and could really see a shift in her mindset throughout the day.

And then I knew it really sunk in when she wrote it out on her own as I was reading Little Women to her.


Ironically, this applies to the hard work of parenting as much as it does to our kids! It sure isn’t easy, but it is so good, and such a treat to see the reward of the commitment, love, leadership, and patience that was hard-fought and learned through it all!

3 thoughts on “Work is Good

  1. I think that most people simply give into the resistance. We see it naturally in kids. It takes a lot to overcome the perception of work. We always try and teach our kids that “hard is good.” No doubt it will serve them well as they explore the world and go after bigger things.

    1. Yes, I remember even learning that as an adult! “Hard is good.” I had a weird superstition that obstacles were a sign that perhaps it was the wrong path! Thanks for helping me change my mindset early on.

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