A Few of My Favorite Things

For those of you who know me well, you know what I love: family, the outdoors, music, friends, adventure.

For this holiday season, I thought I’d share a “few of my favorite things” that are a part of my every day world that could also offer unique gift ideas for others.

National Parks

National Parks – With 58 National Parks and over 400 National Monuments, Historic Sites, Battle Grounds, and Preserves, there is much to learn and explore. Our family has visited over 100 during our travels, and we are always amazed at and grateful for the unique geography and stories that are preserved. Some of our greatest family memories have taken place in the National Parks. You can purchase a yearlong pass for your family or loved one for just $80. You can also throw in a special Passport Book so they can collect stamps at each park. Or how about this beautiful deluxe National Park sticker set?  Start planning your summer trips now!


Snowboarding – We always remember this video from Sage Kotsenberg – it captures our family’s sentiments exactly – it’s a magical thing. There is nothing like going down a mountain together as a family, watching the kids try out new tricks and spins, taking in the majestic views. It’s wild how this has become such a central part of our family identity now. It used to be just once a year family winter trip. Now we snowboard about 100+ days a year! But this experience is definitely one of the best ones you can give someone. Keystone Resort caters so well to families. Our favorite is Copper Mountain.  Arapahoe Basin offers the best prices on beginner lessons. Or splurge on the Epic Pass and have fun hitting all the different resorts!


Barre3 Online – I’ve been so efficient with my workouts in the past, being able to run for 20-40 mins and call it a day. It’s harder for me to make time to go to a studio class for some reason. Well, the Barre3 Online classes are awesome because they are time-efficient and yet give me an even better workout than running – including core strengthening and muscle tone. You can get an online subscription here!


Sunbasket – This meal-delivery service has made our family dinner times so much better! They offer organic, sustainably farmed meats and produce. We order 3 meals a week – they have both paleo, and vegetarian options, and we’ve loved all their meals. Don and I grab a glass of wine and whip up the meal together while the kids get their homework done. Then we get to enjoy dinner conversation and sometimes even squeeze in a chapter of a book, like Life of Fred or this month, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift.


BreckCreate – This is for locals in Summit County! This organization is a gem in our town. They have a beautiful arts district right off Main Street where you can see artisans at work on their craft. They bring in special events and speakers throughout the year. And they offer weekly classes in art, photography, glass-blowing, clay-making, and even writing to the community. I’m honored to be a part of it and excited to be leading the weekly After-School Writing Club for kids 10-14. Sign up for their newsletter to stay on top of off their offerings and pay for a class for you and a friend to learn something new!

Cookie and Kate

Cookie and Kate – This has become a go-to website for healthy recipes for me this year. I love making breads and muffins to send to the kids’ teachers in the morning as a surprise. You can find cookie and loaf recipes here, substitute with gluten-free flour if needed, and send special homemade treats to neighbors and friends.


Mara Mugs – This was my go-to gift last year. These mugs are the perfect size, and they feel so great and weighted in your hand. You can find them all here, on Amazon or at Abbey’s Coffee Shop on Main Street Frisco. All variety of personalized designs.

Electric Teapot – I drink tea all day long! I love the Arbonne Detox Tea, and Yogi and Traditional Medicinal Brands as well. This teapot makes it fast and convenient to start seeping and enjoying my tea! Gotta stay warm throughout these long winter months!

GoRuck – We each have a couple of these backpacks. The smaller Echo for everyday, with a computer sleeve zipper in the back, and a larger GR1 for one-bag travel. They are sturdy, well-make, sleek, and we just can’t say enough great things about them!

Anker Power Charger – This is a great stocking stuffer for anyone – professional or teen! I carry this in my work backpack or in my snowboarding jacket when I need more juice for my phone.

Calendars – These make great gifts for anyone on your list! I like a whole variety throughout the house that inspire. Here are my favorites: Art a Day, You’re a Badass, Promises and Blessings

Immune Boosters

And I feel like we are always on the edge of colds here in Summit County, but we work hard to stay healthy. We drink a lot of water, try to get plenty of sleep, stay away from sugar, and eat healthy. But I still have plenty of supplements I pull out of drawers and cabinets when kids start getting that scratchy throat. Here are a handful of my favorite. You could even put together a healthy gift basket for family and friends this year!


Arbonne – This company rocks. With a business opportunity that allows people to have time-freedom and financial freedom like ours, a company culture of generosity and personal growth, and hundreds of products that are pure, safe, and beneficial to the whole family – it’s really amazing! We use their nutrition products each day, my face stays young and smooth with their skincare line, we all lather up with their lotions, and their shampoo/conditioners are pH balanced, so I never have to deal with dandruff or itchy scalp again! All of their products make excellent gifts!

Let me know if you use or love any of these things and what have been the best gifts to give. Would love to hear a few of your own favorite things as well!!

3 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. These are all so wonderful! And the National parks are my favorite because its truly a rare gift!

    I can see you sending the kids with muffins & cookies to the teachers from Cookie & Kate recipes! So cute! Haha

    Thanks for being so amazing, Sonya!

    Fill your life with adventure and fun. It will keep you frisky and young.



    1. Thanks, My-Cherie!! Would love to hear some of your favorite things as well!!

      On Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 11:08 AM, Sonya Dalrymple wrote:


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