Girls in the Kitchen

Earlier this year, I had an idea to gather girls and women of all ages in the kitchen so we could spend more time together and learn from each other. I do not live close to my family right now, and so I wanted my daughter, Jadyn to get a sense of what that feels like to have lots of people in the kitchen working together. I also wanted girls to have role models of women in different career backgrounds who know them and care about them.

The first month we met at my home, and made homemade tortillas. It was so neat watching the moms and daughters making the masa, rolling out the dough and cooking the tortillas. We all stayed to enjoy a taco dinner together afterwards.

We met for the second time just last weekend at our friend’s house, the Morocos who have a gorgeous home. This time the theme was a Soiree: a fancy dinner with charcuterie boards, sparkling cider, dinner and chocolate cake. My friend Suzy Martinek who is a life and etiquette coach joined us as well. I wanted to girls to have a benchmark for both hosting and eating a nice dinner with others.

Most of the girls took advantage of the few chances in Summit County to dress up and wore a dress. Everyone brought different items for appetizers, and the girls divided up to help make charcuterie boards. It was so fun watching them get creative with cheese, crackers, meats, berries, chocolate, etc.

After they ate their creations, they each set their own place settings properly so that they would remember where everything goes. Then the moms took turns serving them while Suzy led them through the evening, a bit of training on table manners and fun questions to learn to catalyze conversation.

When I eavesdropped, I heard a neat trick to quickly check your posture and what to say when you excuse yourself from the table. (you do not say you are going to the bathroom!) 😉

The whole evening was fabulous. There were a mix of girls of all ages and social circles, but they all got along so well, and I hope they learned things that they can carry with them through adulthood.

Next month – making cookies and hot chocolate mixes together and packaging for teachers! Can’t wait!

Let me know if you’re interested in starting something similar in your own community, and I can send over a couple tips and suggestions to get started.

4 thoughts on “Girls in the Kitchen

  1. What a neat idea to gather women and girls of all ages in the kitchen. I always have the best conversations in the kitchen with my family and girlfriends! Jasmine, my daughter, is also a big fan of cooking time with mama in the kitchen. 🙂

    1. You are such an awesome mama!!! She’s lucky to have you and all your wonderful, beautiful friends in her life. Next time we are all in the same town together, let’s make something delicious together. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Suzy! I’m so grateful you were there – thank you for sharing your time and expertise with this great group of girls!

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