Don and I have been running together pretty consistently recently.  We had a turning point weekend about a month ago when we thought we had run 6 miles, but really when we’d mapped it out, it was 7.  For some crazy reason, after that run, we decided we could train for the Austin Half Marathon at the end of February.

Our friends, John and Christine Gordon are also running it and have spearheaded a group of more crazy followers to undertake this challenge.  A couple weeks ago, when running around Town Lake with John, he told us about the course – the first 3 miles is constant “uphill.”  And then there’s this very steep – good excuse to walk – hill right before the last half-mile.  That kinda scares me, honestly.  But at the same time, it’s been interesting to realize what that knowledge has done to my psyche for all of our training runs.

I used to resent “hills.”  I would try to decide if I could justify an excuse to stop for a breather right before or after.  🙂  Pretty wimpy, I know.  Well now, when I see a hill, I welcome it because I see it as training and preparation for those monster hills come racetime.  My attitude is more of “bring it on.”  (much less wimpy)  And the very cool thing is that all of the hills have somehow magically decreased in steepness or length, just with my change of attitude (and practice, I’m sure)!

I noticed another interesting mental thing  with hills that can probably easily transfer to most of life’s challenges.  When I see one up ahead, it seems so huge and daunting. Something to be feared, even!  But once I actually start the incline, it’s not as tough – just one foot in front of the other, maybe leaning forward a little and breathing a little heavier – but definitely not what I had made it out to be in mind when it was so far away.  It was “do-able.” And even inspiring.

Here’s to future hill training, the inevitable challenges of life, and a fun half-marathon!


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