When You Are the Product

Now, more than ever, you have an opportunity to understand the reality that you are the “product.”  Whenever you work — actually, whenever you do anything — you are “selling” and “branding” yourself.  People come to know what you believe, what you know, how you are “useful/beneficial” to their own lives.

When you worked for an employer, they continued to “buy” your time because of the performance they recognized from your product – yourself.  But as moms, many of us have stopped being compensated monetarily for our time and efforts (our product).

You might not ever necessarily go back into the “workforce” again.  (or you might dream of leaving the workforce!)  And you might not ever create an actual tangible product to sell online or in stores.

But today you have the opportunity, if you dare, to create a platform for yourself again.  You can be the product.

Your knowledge and your uniqueness.

Your writing.

Your speeches.

Your words.

It’s you.

For many women, that is quite humbling.  Sometimes intimidating enough to go into hiding.  To want to say, “Pass.”  “No, thank you.”  🙂

But for others, it is a magnetic calling.  “Of course.”  “Yes!  I need a way to share all that I’ve learned – both my successes and failures – with others who would benefit.”

When you are the product,  you need a “homebase” to house your words – your articles, digital books, speaking opportunities, your advice.  It should be living and cohesive.  Your brand should be apparent.  Easy for someone to recognize their need for your area of expertise.  This allows you to be memorable.

When you are the “product,” here are some concrete nitty-gritty things to especially consider.

  • Be excellent – let every touch-point communicate excellence – your systems, your presentation
  • Be responsive – when others contact you or comment on your content, engage them quickly, professionally, and genuinely
  • Be helpful – people find advice most valuable when it pertains to their family, their health, or their wealth.  Help them solve problems around those areas, and they will be most grateful.  Make it easy on yourself to share your knowledge, network, and compassion with others.

2 thoughts on “When You Are the Product

  1. “Be helpful – people find advice most valuable when it pertains to their family, their health, or their wealth.” Yes, that makes total sense, but I had never thought of it before. Thanks, you’ve given me something to think about!

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