Consuming Content

Because it is increasingly difficult to keep up with so many websites and blogs, many people use two popular methods to stay abreast of their readings and interests.

Email Subscription

The first is through an email subscription. When you visit a site that has content you value, you can “subscribe” to it by entering your email address.  Henceforth, every time a new article is created, you will receive it as an email to your inbox.  This is known as RSS-to-email.  You can still read at your convenience, but your attention is prompted once you see the email.

RSS Readers

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.  Most blog-sites allow you to “Subscribe via RSS feed.”  Once you choose your Reader option  (we use Google Reader), you can just visit your RSS Reader to see a list of all the blogs you are subscribed to.  In one place, you can easily skim through lists and titles to decide what to read.  It’s like having your own personalized newspaper.  Instead of looking for the new content, it is delivered to you.

As you create content, keep in mind that most people will be reading your writing through these avenues.  Because you will automatically be top-of-mind when they see your new articles, your two main goals then become:

  1. Getting visitors to your site
  2. Having visitors subscribe

We want to help you accomplish these goals.  Therefore, we push heavily for creating remarkable content.

People will find you when your topics and keyword selections meet with their searches.  And they will choose to subscribe when they see that your content is worth it to commit their ongoing attention.  It is rare that someone will keep coming back to your site to read content.  Make it easy for them to just receive it.

How do you keep up with content you like?


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  1. Wow. This is such great information that you don’t know unless someone tells you! Thanks!

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