First Customer

Everything is theoretical until you have a customer.

You can plan and hope and imagine, but nothing is real until you are forced to deliver a product or experience to a real-live customer.

We encourage you to sign up your first customer as quickly as possible.

The trial and error cycle speeds up because you are forced to build and test your process.  The urgency leads to action.  The gaps become apparent.  It’s a “Ready. Fire. Aim” mentality.

The expectations from a customer force you to answer all of the important “how” questions that formerly were just ideas.

  • How do they pay for your product or service?
  • How do they connect with you or ask questions?
  • How do you lead them through your process?
  • How do they sign up for repeat business?

Your first customer is your first investment in your business.  As you continue to refine your systems and processes, your subsequent customers will reap the rewards of your care and attention to those details.

For writers, subscribe as many people as you can quickly to your blog.  Your audience becomes real.  Publish your first digital book and charge for it.  For instructors, sign up a new student and take note of all the ways you can make the experience exceptional for both the student and parent.  For designers, instead of gifting a creation, take an order, charge for it, and package it in a way that both the product and buying experience are appreciated.

I read a quote once that has stuck with me, “Entrepreneurs are dreamers who do.”  The difference between a dreamer and an entrepreneur essentially lies in signing up and working hard to delight that first customer.

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