Get Online Now During the Coronavirus

New Website

If you do not have a website to validate your online presence, now is the time to do it. With the current social distancing restrictions in place, everyone is living in a virtual reality, trying to stay connected as best as we can. A website can be your hub to engage with old and new clients.

Online Store

You may have had a site up that has been more of a business card or splash page. Now that your retail storefront is temporarily closed, it’s important to be able to continue sales. Creating an online store, is a great solution. Visitors can purchase items to be shipped to their home or picked-up locally at a curbside exchange.

Quick Turnaround

We understand that there is an urgency to get a website or ordering platform online, and so we are set-up for a quick turn-around delivery. We can work together to launch an elegant, powerful site within a week and then build on it over time.

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client logos

We’ve been working together with several companies to help them weather this time and engage with their clients.

The Frosted Flamingo has created DIY Craft Kits that can be sent anywhere in the country or picked-up locally.

Anant Salon will offer curbside pickup for their Aveda hair-care and beauty products.

Sierra Gale Seafoods is increasing her marketing for Alaskan Seafood in Breckenridge available for local pickup.

Andrea Stark, a Breckenridge Wedding Photographer is considering promoting Elopement Sessions more if these restrictions last a while.

And clients like Clearly Aligned in Austin or Marea White DDS in Bedford, TX and Total Building Maintenance in Dallas TX are sharing new or limited service options with clients.

We can help you quickly connect with your current database and collaborate on creative strategies to even seek out new prospects for the future.

Call us today at 469-831-4721 to discuss.

Do you wonder how a website can help grow your business?

We consider a website to be the hub to all of your interactions with your prospects and customers. If you have an email address with a unique url, people will quickly look it up to visit your site. If you just have a gmail address, they will wonder if you are even in business! A website represents your brand – through words and images, offers a way for strangers to contact you, and is a place to keep sharing your knowledge and updates via new content. It’s the best way to be found and share the most important things about how you do business.

We also use websites as places to house videos or sign-ups for workshops/events, include beautiful images of a portfolio of your work, link to your social media platforms, and create landing pages that can share unique offers. There are so many opportunities for engagement and growth through your website.

How We Work

We love helping companies build or refresh their website. We recommend a website refresh every 3 years as technology and likely your own vision and messaging change.

We offer a free consultation to hear about your business and listen to your goals. We share a little bit about our experience and answer any questions before sending a quote and then invoice. After we receive payment, we start the engagement with a kick-off meeting, gathering data about your business, your team, your services, your branding and design goals. We set realistic milestones for delivery. We ask if you have other sites that you’d like to model and request or define requirements for images and graphics. We send you a simple questionnaire that begins to collect language and content for your website pages.

We collaborate with you throughout the process and then deliver a draft website which you can approve and offer feedback before we deliver the final site and “go live.”

The process is honestly a great deal of fun. We find that it helps you look at your business from a big picture view and articulate who you are and what you offer. We help you tell your story in a very simple way that helps visitors immediately understand why they should do business with you.

Services and Pricing

Our prices for websites are extremely reasonable, as we see them as the start of a long-term relationship. Websites are meant to be “living” and “active,” therefore we also help with publishing new content and sending out human and relevant newsletters to your contacts.

We build all our sites on as the platform has built-in SEO and removes all the IT headaches.

We offer two options:

Simple Website $1175 

This includes a theme customization with important pages like:

  • Home
  • About
  • Services
  • FAQs
  • Reviews
  • Contact

It also includes a Blog Platform, and we help craft your first 3 articles.

You supply logos, images, and any other graphics.

Fully Customized Website $3000+

This includes a website design of your choice, being able to dictate layout, fonts, and all colors. You have greater control over all elements.

This service includes all the Pages above as well as a Blog Platform and 4 articles. It is necessary to purchase the business plan with

We also make sure your presence is aligned on social media (FB, Instagram, Yelp, LinkedIn and Google my Business). You supply logos, images, and any other graphics.