Outsourced Marketing Director

I partner with businesses on retainer and equity ownership to develop and run marketing strategy, projects and programs.

I collaborate with and lead teams to develop and refine sales funnels which improve based on messaging, marketing systems and conversion.

Websites and Monthly Marketing

It’s important to build a website which sells. This includes clarifying your message, communicating the problem/solution/call to action and providing nurturing journeys to engage and convert new leads. I build this first for each productized service offering we develop and collaborate on articulating how a buyer would hear and respond to a sales message on your website and email marketing.

Lead Generation

I work on the short-term and long-term marketing strategies. Both are important to drive new traffic to your website and connect with prospects.


To fill the sales funnel in the short term, you have options based on your market and where your buyers will find you. Pay-per-click ads on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and many other platforms have to be designed with a sales magnet and call to action. I qualify and work with advertising partners that specialize in their respective platform for messaging, process flow, analytics and refinement. This is the fastest way to get leads with a sales funnel that is ready to convert visitors.


I also work with social media vendors and content marketing specialists to develop regular appearance with audiences on search and social media platforms. We identify the platforms like YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram in addition to your website where we want attention and staying power on and create a working schedule to post content to attract users to your sales funnels. We design and publish regular newsletters with valuable content to maintain strong relationships with current contacts and prospects.

Sales Process

I work with sales managers and teams to bring continuity and conversion from leads to sales closings. This includes being part of meetings, developing strategies and understanding the customer journey to becoming a closed sale. I help with regular email marketing to nurture and follow up with leads for sales closing teams.

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About Sonya

I am a Texas girl who fell in love with the mountains and now lives in Breckenridge, CO. I am a wife to an incredible entrepreneur and mom to three amazing kids. We own The Dalrymple Group and partner with companies in various business ventures to help them grow or scale.

Outside of business, I enjoy beautiful hikes, playing tennis, trail running, traveling, snowboarding, and helping others grow – whether they are business owners with their online platforms and systems or kids in the Young Writers Club with BreckCreate in Colorado. I enjoy observing and writing about the nuances of life – family, business, health, and education. This site has been a place to capture some insights, memories, and resources to share with others.

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