Testing a Concept

As opposite as we are, Don and I are very similar when it comes to starting something new. We “test” the water before we jump all in.

Now, we are definitely not the type of people that test, test, test, test, and never really get wet because honestly, they never totally intended to in the first place. Those types are usually full of fear or need extremely high guarantees of success before they do anything.

But as an engineer and a refiner, we do enjoy building things well – companies and websites that really hit the mark.

So, we usually start small. Once there is enough evidence to demonstrate an owner’s commitment to a new idea, project, or company, we get as much information from them as possible to understand the needs and opportunities.

We map things out and set up the foundation well. Sometimes this is a branded website or new sales process.

Then we make sure there is actually a viable market for the particular service or company by testing it well. As we get feedback from the prospective clients or market, we tweak the content, layout, sales or service process with lightning speed to try and nail the target with greater success each time.

It’s really a fun way to work. Much less risk and investment on the part of our clients since we take away the pressure of the “if you build it, they will come” mentality.

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