What Kind of Vision Do You Have?

We have all likely heard the truism, “Without vision, the people will perish.”

I agree with this mantra. But the more I observe about people, the more I see how different we are and how uniquely we see the world. We all have our own lens from which we see “reality.” Our emotions and past experiences are our own filter, not to mention our values and mindsets.

So, in thinking about vision, it’s only natural to assume that the type of vision people have can be different.

The stereotypical “vision” that I hear of most is around big picture ideas and goals. People with this vision can imagine a whole culture changing. Sometimes they can almost “see beyond” as mentioned in The Giver by Lois Lowry and see what is going to happen in the future. They usually have a strong conviction or dream about how things should be, whether it’s around the environment, education, business, or policy. Their vision can be contagious as they rally other people around their dream.

I have never had the privilege of having this kind of vision. I used to feel guilty about it. But I have since come to realize that I have a different kind of vision.

I love knowing what makes people tick and can usually “see” what’s inside someone. I can see special talents, interests, passions – sometimes when they can’t even see those things for themselves. I can see what someone can become and how they can get there. And I love being able to share that vision with them – helping them to see.

I can also see very clearly what’s right in front of me – what is urgent right now. I can act quickly to address it. It helps me to really “be present” instead of always living in the past, future or in a dreamworld.

What kind of vision do you have? What do you see that others don’t see? The beauty behind the mundane? The details that other people miss? The practical realities that others are not considering?

When you can share your vision with others, you help them “see beyond.” I do think that it is vital to have vision, and to have confidence in your vision because it is most inspiring. It can give you the passion to push through the hard things and the meaning to get through the mundane parts of life.

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