Scripted vs. Custom

Isn’t it funny how we don’t always realize when we repeat something. I was hanging out for a week with a couple tween girls, and they were kind enough to point out to me how often I said, “I love it!”

Every day, there are just so many reasons for me to repeat this simple little phrase. I say it when my kids show me something they drew, a picture they took, or a new skill they learned. I say it when my husband and I have made a decision about our next cool adventure or business strategy.

It’s a shortcode way for me to say, “I think that’s great – I’m excited – I’m in agreement – I’m happy!”

A bit similarly, but another time recently, my sisters and I all noticed that we all often repeated, “Yay, Fun!” whenever we’d respond to cool photos or news via group text. What can I say, we’re all girls! 🙂

There are other things I probably say all the time (“cool, awesome, totally, that’s hilarious, wow” – just to name a few!)

Just wondering if that tells me anything about my attitude or conversation patterns? I guess you could say I’m a pretty positive, optimistic person. But I could also be a bit more creative and thoughtful instead of scripted in response!

In business and in life, I think it’s more authentic to go for thoughtful, unique or custom. People are wanting to make sure that we really hear what they are sharing and understand their unique situation. (even our husbands and kids!) A key part of our business process is to spend about an hour really listening and documenting someone’s business goals or issues, so that we can best know how to respond with a custom proposal. A custom response is definitely more meaningful to them.

Just a fun reminder to me today to stay focused on meaning and substance.

But I guess if we have to err with scripts, it’s fine to err on the positive side of life – “I love it!” and “Yay, Fun!” aren’t so bad.

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