Monetize Your Knowledge and Expertise: Alecia Baptiste’s Story

It is always a thrill for me to work with women who decide to start their own business. For many, it had been a long-term goal or dream, and they were just waiting for the right time to jump in and move forward.

Alecia Baptiste had years of experience under her belt in the field of education. She’d worked in the classroom, as a homeschool educator of four growing children, and as a consultant for parents of children with special needs. She’d written a book and had been writing on her personal blog. But she wanted to bring all of her knowledge and expertise together online in a way that could be profitable.

We were excited to work with Alecia in setting up her website and online platform. With simple design and clear explanation of her service offering, we set her up as a “Homeschool Coach,” a fellow educator who could offer strategies, wisdom and accountability in teaching and training children. Her writing was always engaging, insightful, and real, and so we made sure her articles were front and center for visitors to read. We integrated all the systems necessary to keep in touch with her readers and customers and to offer her services as a homeschool consultant.

This is what Alecia has shared about working with us:

My website has been a wonderful way for people to connect and correspond with me on a frequent basis. I feel confident directing people to my site for inspiration, information and encouragement as well as to find out more about the services that I offer. It’s better than a brochure!!! I’ve had many responses to my articles. People appreciate the content that I’ve been providing.

As I’ve stepped into this role as a businesswoman on my own, (I’ve had businesses before, but I worked as a contractor for companies), I’m experiencing the freedom to do what I believe I was meant to do. I see so many possibilities, and I’m excited to pass along the skills and knowledge I’m learning to my children. I’ve finally realized that a business is another means of serving people. It has always been important to me to serve in our community and to help people. I poured out myself in service to so many people over the years, and I will continue to. I’ve never considered that I can earn a living doing what I love.

I have a long way to go to get where I really want to be, but I’m excited about the possibilities.

Thanks, Sonya for helping women make that transition into business!

If you are a parent considering homeschooling your children, Alecia is the perfect resource for you. If you’d tried homeschooling, but just feel like it could be a more successful experience for all, Alecia can offer strategies and insight to pave the way for you. And if you have a child with special needs and would like a partner in their educational journey, Alecia has a wealth of wisdom to share. And any parent would benefit from signing up to receive her articles regularly. She offers great wisdom, perspective and encouragement for us all.


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