Blink of an Eye

“I’ve been learning that life is too short. In the blink of an eye, the snap of our fingers, time vanishes.  If we are not intentional about pursuing something, building something, life just quietly slips on by. I want to keep growing, and I love watching others come to life as they discover tangible ways that they can share their stories, make a difference and leave their mark as well.”

This is something I have learned from my husband. I don’t think I naturally think about the legacy or impact of our lives beyond the day-to-day events and people I experience. But I’m grateful that he puts it in front of me daily.

I wrote those first words when I began working to launch women into their own gigs.

And I feel like it is an important to all people, but especially women who get wrapped up in the day-to-day grind of housework, meal-planning, and children’s activity schedules.

We sell ourselves short if we think that is all we were built for in life. These tasks should be a given, not the end-goal. We learn so much more and care so much more when we look beyond our four walls and our weekly calendar. It makes life meaningful and exciting.


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