Optimizing Content

The best content comes from the heart – passionate conviction or surprising insight that you are compelled to share with the world.  Your language will be natural, fluid, and clear because you have something important to say.

Always write like that.

Then, once you have established great habits of writing, you can start optimizing your content for greater searchability opportunities.

If you think of the 80/20 principle, these considerations make up the 20%.

3 Things to Keep in Mind:

Keywords: Another word for keywords is “search terms.”  What terms will people likely use to search for your content?  Repeat them a few times within your article.  Use them in your title and headers.  Don’t go overboard, but there certainly is value in a little repetition.  Make sure to add tags that include your specific keywords.

Headers: Use and choose headers intentionally.  Try to have at least 1-3 headers in your article when applicable.  The terms used in your headers are weighted more heavily than the rest of your content, so be mindful to use keywords when appropriate.

Links: A rule of thumb is to insert 1 link for every 100 words.  When you read an intriguing or inspiring article, write about it, and link to it.  Reference other blogs that relate to your content.  And most importantly, link back to your own content.  All of this referencing adds relevance to your articles and site overall.

Both relevance (how often you are referenced) and authority (how many articles you have written) increase your search opportunities for new visitors.

How does this work for you in your own writing?



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