Activity Instructors

As a mom of three children, we have been through our share of lessons – music, art, gymnastics, sports, karate, horse back riding, etc.

And as a constant observer of business process, I have been pleasantly appreciative of the thought behind how many of the instructors have set up their business systems and also made it an enjoyable time overall for my kids.

I’ve been reflecting on a few of our experiences as we help others set up their own business systems:

Some of the processes that have been most appreciated:

  • Easy to Contact: Usually I hear of something interesting from a friend and then Google it at night or just email the contact.  This happened with Jump Gymnastics, Amanda Lee Jones art classes,  YMCA Soccer, etc.  With each of these businesses or individuals, I received a prompt response via email and quick answers to any questions.  This helped me to stay engaged with the consideration and eventually to move forward in signing up.  When signing up was simple and quick, it was definitely an added bonus!
  • Full of Inspiration: As moms, we appreciate other great role models in our children’s lives.  When charisma and passion from their instructors inspire similar discipline in our kids, we are hooked.  In addition, we’d rather not be the practice-nazi at home.  So, when Miss Rebecca came to our home to teach the boys’ first piano lesson, I was grateful that she was so prepared.  She had the boys personalize their own practice notebook.  She explained her reward system.  Practice 5 times, get a piece of candy.  After 20 practices, choose from the “toy box.”  Bingo!  It became their goal and responsibility, not mine.  Worked like a charm.  Eventually those “bribery” training wheels fall off and life-long habits will have formed.
  • Regular Newsletters:  There are a few newsletters that are quickly in and out of my inbox, but I was always interested to receive newsletters from instructors.  They were informative, usually letting me know of upcoming events or special sessions.  I especially enjoyed if they said something personal or concrete about the students (any students).  It connected me with the “mission” that I signed up to be a part of.

If you are an instructor, what feedback have you received from customers – what do they appreciate most about your services?





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