Starting Simple

David Meerman Scott has been blogging since 2004.   Until recently, however, his blogsite, “Web Ink Now” was pretty much outdated.  Functional, but simple.  In spite of that, he managed to build up a huge, strong tribe around strategies for marketing and leadership.  He is clearly a respected expert in his field.

I read his recent article that confirmed our appeal for simple design, but remarkable content.

He says:

Over the past 8 years, I’ve learned that I’ve got to keep evolving – both my brand and my content. Technology changes. The best way to deliver content evolves. My interests morph. But my blog lives on as an essential way for me to communicate.

The same will be true for you.  Your brand will evolve.  But the content will live on.

The main point is to start writing now.  As your interests, identity, and expertise begin to focus, you can tackle more elaborate design.  Until then, start building your tribe, your fans.

As a side note, he also mentioned that he wished he would have just named his blog with his own name.  That’s how people know you.  And that might be the easiest way they will remember to find you and refer you.

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