Keeping in Touch

I have always tried to be a person who was great at keeping in touch with others.

In college, I frequently wrote to my sisters and best friends from high school via snail mail.  After college, grateful for email and cell phones, I made sure to keep in touch with those new-found soul-mates from those formative university years.  And after having moved multiple times as a married couple and family, I’ve made great efforts to keep in touch with those I unfortunately “left behind.”

Today, those relationships are still strong and valuable because of the investment in communication and care.

In the same way, as we turn strangers into customers and fans, it is imperative that we are intentional about keeping in touch with them.

Attention is scare today.  As moms, we have multiple expectations pulling at us daily.  We know, as consumers ourselves, that to make the jump from wanting something to actually purchasing it might take days, weeks, or even months.

So, when someone first meets you and expresses an interest in your product or services, it is not likely that they will immediately commit – making an appointment or even visiting your site.  But their interest is sincere.  Time and attention are the only enemies.

You can actually help to fight off  those enemies.


By keeping in touch.

Initiate.  Make it as easy as possible for yourself and others.  Ask permission to add them into your system of receiving valuable, consistent information and ideas.  Your advice, reflections and opinions will naturally remind them of your products and services.

And inevitably, that one day will come, when the “stars align” – those magical stars of time and resource and emotional readiness – when they are ready to say, “Yes.”  They will say, “Yes,” to you because you have been intentional about reaching out to them.

Do you have a robust marketing system for keeping in touch with strangers and friends (prospects and customers)?  Do you have an easy way for them to say, “Yes”?


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