One Thing

So, what is it?

What is that one thing that you could read, think, write, or talk about for hours.  What type of “work” feels fun and enjoyable to you?  When you have 50 emails in your inbox to answer, which topics do you jump to answer first?

What type of knowledge or help do friends seek you out for?

Over the years, my husband and I have had countless hours of dialogue around living and working in your “sweet spot.”  There are multiple books out there that can help you really think about your “strengths,” your “personality” or your “style.”  And while the books and tests can be valuable – especially as you move forward in building your business – even without them, I have a feeling that you already just know. You know it in your gut.

You might just be too close to it, though, to really name it.  To really call it out.

That’s where husbands and best friends and family can help.  You can ask them about that “one thing” that just comes so naturally to you.  So easily, that it would seem like robbery to charge someone for it.

But it is that exact thing that should be what you most identify as valuable enough to charge for it.

Others will recognize the value as well, once you take the courageous steps to believe it inherently.


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