As moms, we juggle many demands.

So much so, that sometimes, even a small obstacle keeps us from the goal, simply because another need pulls us away in distraction.

We’ve all been consumers.  I’ve found that it is surprisingly enjoyable when someone makes it easier on me by removing any of the friction that gets in the way from buying, showing up, or signing up.

As you set up your own customer experience, think back to one of your personal positive customer experiences.

Why did you buy?

And then make it easy for your customers to do the same.


Make it easy to:

  • Find you
  • Contact you
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Make a payment online
  • Reschedule, if needed
  • Give feedback in testimonials
  • Refer you to a friend

Your prospects and customers will both be grateful for not only your services, but for making the whole experience easy and enjoyable.

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