Are you interested in starting a business or growing your business?  Selling a product, service, or book online?

Our team can help structure the business systems and marketing strategies that are needed for launching any business endeavor.

What Is Branding?

It is the specific message and reputation that your product or service seeks to communicate.

Whether you are intentional about it or not, a brand is always communicated.  It is much more effective if you have some vision and clarity about how you want your brand to be received.

Even if you can articulate it clearly, however, there is another huge leap to actually put the pieces (logo, site, content, selling process, marketing systems) together to make sure that all the touch points are uniform, cohesive and effective.

Branding Package:

We take care of the strategy, systems thinking, and implementation for you.  It seems easy for anyone to have an email address, blog, newsfeed account, social media avenues, etc.  But the purpose and structuring behind it all makes a world of difference between income or hobby.

This branding package is designed to help you intentionally brand your product or service offering.  Your look, feel, logo and overall brand to the market will be produced for helping you to connect with new customers.  You will get:

Technology Systems:

  • Cloud Systems. You will be able to access  your domain, email, calendaring, and documents from any computer at any time.  You will use this to grow your business and how you operate.
  • Content Management System. This is a site and system for helping you get found and positioning your brand.  You will be trained on how to use this system to win new business over time and build a durable asset.  You will receive valuable coaching and feedback on writing purposefully.
  • Social Media Systems. Understand how to use social media to drive authority and relevance for your content and branding.  We’ll help answer questions like: Do I need a Facebook page?  How can Instagram and Pinterest help drive visitors?
  • Marketing Nurturing System. You will have systems to help your visitors subscribe to your site and receive ongoing communications for keeping in touch with them until they are ready to do business with you.
  • Analytics and Game Planning. Your systems will be set up in order to have insight into who is visiting your site frequently; what content or product pages are most popular; and how to hone your messaging and positioning to win business.

Here are the types of people that would benefit greatly from this package:

  • Local businesses trying to increase their local and online traffic
  • People who have content they want to purposefully package  as products (i.e. ebooks, books in print)
  • Professional service businesses
  • Individuals who teach lessons
  • People who eager to grow their reach online

What To Expect When You Sign Up

After you sign up for this package, you will be invited to an online project management area where we will manage the delivery of your systems.

As each of the systems come online, you will receive training to use this to get your first customers and build your business ongoing.  We will have a lot of collaboration and be able to move along as you are comfortable to absorb the new knowledge of your marketing and sales systems.

Contact me if this is something that interests you, and we can set up a time to meet.

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