Amy Kirk and Novellas Farm

I remember seeing Amy Kirk’s name and farm classes come across in email announcements.  I watched her evolve over months from an idea for a farm class to a full-fledged business, website and all in Novellas Farm and Schoolhouse.  Without ever meeting her, I was so proud of her from afar.

I had the opportunity of even attending two of her Farm Mornings with my children. We had been studying bees and learning about milking cows in our readings for school, and I wanted to supplement it with a hands-on experience. Participating in the whole process from start to finish grew a greater appreciation for something like ice cream or honey. We all had a blast and learned so much.

Amy was wonderful with all the children – interesting, insightful, and patient.  I knew she had something special growing.

So, when she contacted me asking for help with her website and blog, I felt privileged – and very excited about the prospect of sharing this opportunity with more children around the area.

Amy needed a place to grow.  Her basic website platform didn’t allow for new and regular content that allowed her to connect with her customers, as well as to attract new leads. She signed up for the Branding Package, and we set her up with branded email, calendar, social media, blog and website systems. As much of the technology was new to her, we spent time online and in person explaining the ins and outs so that she would feel comfortable to work them on her own. I loved watching her push forward through typical frustrations in learning new things. She gained much confidence from it.

She now has a place to share her experiences and insights with readers in a way that will easily build trust with prospective customers. She is growing an asset – valuable content – which can be searched and found. Within just a week of being launched, she had a woman contact her saying that she had decided to search online for a farming school in Austin for her children to visit and was thrilled to have come across Novellas Farm!

Working Together

Amy shares about her experience working with us:

At first, I was hesitant because I felt like I could do this myself, but this was obviously not true. I wanted a blog and website that were connected, but had no idea how to create it.  I probably would not have done it if I had not met you.

I saved so much time by hiring you. You helped me “get in the real world of today” and actually took the time to teach me.  I have so many ideas and now in my mind I can visualize how it can happen. You have given me so much more confidence, I can actually see what this business can be. You may not realize how much you have helped me.

You really are helping women like me who have ideas but just lack the skills we need in today’s world. Alright I will say it, as an older woman (ouch) I needed someone to help, but I didn’t even realize it. I really, really feel that this can be as big or small as I would like it to become. You and Don are helping people to realize their dreams.

Thanks, Amy. We look forward to watching your dreams come true.  Keep growing.


One thought on “Amy Kirk and Novellas Farm

  1. I really wanted to take my boys to the Farm Morning, but it filled up before I contacted her. I am excited to attend the next class after reading this article. Thanks!

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