“I See You”

One of the gifts I feel like I can give people, particularly women, is sight.  As women, we are often our harshest critics, and we take for granted our uniqueness and talent. We assume that everyone can do what we do or learn what we know. We don’t see that our habits, skills, experience or knowledge might actually be extremely valuable to someone else who doesn’t have our same “goods.”

Do You See What I See?

I like telling women what I see in them.  What makes them special.  What they are doing well.  I can put into concrete language what others just experience when around them. It’s really not superficial flattery. I consider it an honest assessment, which is sometimes so obvious that it is invisible to the owner.

One of my friends recently made me smile when she said, “I was just going about my business, and you turned on the light and said, ‘I see you.'” I had the privilege of sparking a dream in her heart that continues to grow. I look forward to seeing where it leads, as her own uniqueness can benefit hundreds of women in wonderful ways.

Joy in the Journey

I also understand that we are all somewhere along a journey. None of us have arrived, but some women didn’t even know there was a journey to be had or that they qualified to even take one. I love being the one that sees something special in a woman – something hidden to many, often behind messes, chaos, and rough edges. But that, in a sense offers them a ticket to take a step along that journey.

Why do I share all this? Because I am finally starting to “see” myself. This really is what working with “Sonya Dalrymple” is about. I gain great joy from helping women start along their “dream” journey, as well as helping women with existing businesses really grow their network, influence, and revenue.

That’s what someone special “saw” in me several years ago. I’m grateful.

What do you think others “see” in you? Are there special women in your own life what could benefit from knowing what you “see” in them?



5 thoughts on ““I See You”

  1. I am so glad that you blogged about this topic.
    As women, we do not consider our strengths and/or talents as we should. It seems we focus on the attributes we think that we don’t have. We need to encourage each other, as you said, we are all on this journey.
    Yes, I need to be more vocal about what I “see” in those around me.
    For me, our adoption agency spent a lot of time with our family and identified my positive and negative attributes. I laughed because I really do not see myself as organized. Although it is not a natural attribute, I have made special efforts to cultivate organization in my work since college.
    Who knows what skills, talents, and attributes have been strengthened over the last few years and we just failed to “see.”

    1. Missie, that’s always a memorable experience when we allow someone to candidly point out our positive and negative attributes. Humbling, I’m sure in some ways, but inspiring to know what we are doing well. It’s been a joy to get to know you and your son this year. I see many, many wonderful qualities in both of you! Thanks for posting.

    2. Missie,

      Off Topic a bit, but how did your trip go? Any news?


      Good post as always! I always love reading your thoughts and knowing you! You are an encouragement to me!


  2. I “see” what you mean.
    I think that some of our socializing has also encouraged us to look away when we can “see” another woman shining, because we feel competitive toward her or threatened by her prowess.
    Seeing people and being brave/generous enough to point out their sparkle requires more of the viewer.
    I’m glad you made your point, you are brave and generous that way. I see you!

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