Website design, development and monthly marketing for Breckenridge, Frisco, Silverthorne, and Dillon, Colorado is an online service I provide to local business owners in Summit County. I help with designing websites, making your brand clear and helping to get new business on Google search and with newsletters to keep your customers and prospects in touch.

If you are starting a business or wanting to grow your business with a new website or website refresh, feel free to fill out the form below to start a conversation about how we can help you get more customers:

Website Design, Layout and Content Management

When your customers are looking for what you offer, they go online and search. Helping you present what you offer in a clear way, so it is easy to understand what you do, starts the relationship.

I help you think through what your website should do for visitors and how you want them to connect with you. We work together to figure out the layout, content and functionality of your website to help you grow your business.

From these requirements, I create a list of deliverables and work on those items while communicating along the way by phone and email to ensure we have agreement on the look, feel and flow of your website.

I enjoy working through the creative process to make your message clear so new customers will want to engage and have a conversation or buy from you on your website.

I also carefully work through what functionality is required so that your customers can interact at any time with your businesses. Activities such as contacting you with forms, buying products, paying you directly and accessing resources are examples of the kind of value we can talk through to make your website interactive and helpful to your customers.

With over half of all website visitors now being mobile (everyone has an iPhone or Android), I design and test your site to be mobile friendly for viewing, interaction and speed. These are important for having an experience that flows easily, whether in a web browser or with a mobile device.

Working with Professional Service Providers, Retailers, Contractors, and Growing Organizations

I have worked with many local businesses as well as national firms. Some of the case studies on websites and marketing can be found here. I work to get to know your audience, message and goals and I design your website towards making the customer experience feel connected.

Many times, my clients are so knowledgeable about their business, but they have not had time and attention to think about how to communicate what they do in a concrete way that connects with new customers. I help to develop the messaging and content so that your offering comes across clearly and understandable. It’s often the case that we are too close to our own business to see how customers experience what we do in a first time way. As a partner, I can help with the clarity of your message by collaborating on content with you via email and Google Docs until we communicate your brand and product offerings simply and clearly.

Getting Found with Online Search, SEO and Monthly Digital Marketing

When people are searching online for your product or service, you can get found on Google and we set up your site with tags, metatags and headers as part of an SEO implementation. The keywords that matter to you will be identified and content that we build will be on your pages.

With monthly digital marketing services, we have a schedule of items to help you get found online and also grow your email newsletters and website content to keep in touch with your audience, increase referrals and keep connected with your customers. We provide digital marketing and email newsletters as an ongoing way to build your online assets and increase your traffic with timely messaging that is relevant to what your customers care about.

Furthermore, we keep an eye on the analytics and share what the metrics mean and how we continually improve site visits, opens, clicks and searches.

Being consistent, with valuable information, over time builds trust without being disruptive and annoying. We seek to keep your message front and center for when people are ready to buy or want to stay connected.

Technology Platforms and Systems

Over the last 18 years, we have worked on many platforms with different technologies and integrations. We have found what works best and we standardize on what works to build your systems over time.

We are a WordPress designer shop and this platform powers over 30% of the web. We help you get set up on hosting and in our monthly digital marketing, we support you for any issues that may come up by interfacing directly with the team at WordPress. This platform allows for custom design work, vast functionality and upgrading over time as well as uptime, site speed performance and IT security. We seek to keep the headaches out so you can focus on your business.

Furthermore, we use email marketing software that is fast, clean and efficient to design and get your newsletters out while building your customer lists.

We also focus heavily on Google search to help you get found locally with regular, consistent content and engagement.

Building awareness and trust with the people that can buy from you is the goal and we want to keep the technology in the background, doing its job, without headaches. We have optimized our approach and service over the years and tested what works and does not work. Our goal is to remain aware of technologies, but use the best so we can serve our clients efficiently.

Email Newsletters and Content Marketing

It’s hard to stay consistent with helpful information and news to your customers. I help craft, publish and distribute your stories about how you help your customers. We capture this content on your website, which helps to increase its ability to get found.

Furthermore, building an email newsletter list and nurturing your customers with timely emails that help them stay in touch about your brand and story keeps loyalty and referrals going.

We can also build automation for transactions or educating and nurturing customers with valuable tips, insights and information.

I have a process that helps ensure your email publishing is regular, thus anticipated. Furthermore, I help you develop your content and copyedit it for easy reading and connection with your audience.

It’s important in this noisy world to be relevant, valuable and consistent. I manage the process and help get your message telling your story out based on our agreed upon schedule for publishing. This is in addition to building your online assets with content to get found and keep visitors coming.

Website Design and Marketing in Breckenridge and Summit County

On a personal note, I have loved knowing and working with many clients and friends in Summit County. My family and I have hiked many of the trails in Dillon, Silverthorne, Copper Mountain, Frisco and Breckenridge. We snowboard all winter and my kids compete in snowboarding slopestyle and boardercross.

I love to play hard and relax with friends at the locals scene for happy hours, coffees and last minute get togethers.

I work on marketing client projects all the time and support clients with strategy and helping to get new customers through digital marketing.

I would enjoy the opportunity to work locally with you to build a website or refresh your current site. Feel free to fill out the form above and we can start a conversation on how we can grow your business together.

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