If you own a business, you are likely familiar with the term SEO, but the big question is, how do you get it to work for you. There are various strategies and philosophies around SEO, but the main goal of it is to drive virtual traffic your way as people search for your services or products.

SEO Inventory

Do you know how your business is currently doing? Here are some questions to think through and dig for some of the answers. If you don’t know where to find them, reach out, and I can help you out.

How We Work On SEO

When I build websites and content with my clients, I work on the layout and design elements along with the customer experience to engage or buy services and products. Based on the goals we discuss in the beginning, I keep the project focused on your desired outcome with visiting customers coming to your website.

Also, these are the considerations and implementations I work on for SEO to help you with getting found online with Google search page rankings. These are essentials which an effective site has to get found:

A secure, accessible website

We build on the WordPress.com platform which has built-in updates, security, uptime and indexing features. In the past, these were done with self-hosting options, but the pros manage the back end and this is the leading company for websites. Any issues that come up are dealt with in a specific, technical way with WordPress.com technical support.

Page speed for browsers and mobile

This is taken care of with WordPress.com as a platform for hosting and with optimizations on themes and plugins on your site that are part of the layout and design. It is a high ranking factor for Google search.

Mobile friendliness

Most of your site visitors will be mobile on their iPhone or Android. We design and test for responsiveness, layout and presentation. It is another important weighting factor for page ranking.

Domain age, url and authority

Having your site first indexed from its publication and content starts the aging process. Having a url that is keyword rich and content that supports your site over time takes time. We set up your headers, meta tags and site description to be keyword focused and get found. We set up your platform with blogging and pages and coach on the importance of continuous publication to build your authority with relevant, consistent content that gets indexed.

Real business information

Google is looking for legitimate businesses, especially with local reach and presence. We set this up and ensure your contact information and online directory information are accurate, match and get validated with those seeking your business products and services

There are major elements that are factors for SEO. These are elements in my website design and marketing work that I provide. There are millions of web pages and many different keyword searches. You are competing out there for search results with the world, an extreme amount of content that continually grows on the internet.

Having your site’s setup and structure with essential SEO work done gets the process of ranking and getting found online a foundational piece to your go to market strategy.

If your strategy for SEO is beyond the essentials for technical SEO, backlinking, guest posting, directories, and social signaling is something you desire, I am more than happy to assist or work with you and your partner beyond the essentials to help you grow your business.

Building Powerful Anchor Pages

If you want to have a living asset online that gets found, as you continue to optimize your site, build content and stay consistent, I can help you with a key strategy – an anchor page.

We would work together to:

  • Identify keyword searches you want to get found for on Google
  • Research those traffic keywords and compare
  • Agree on the keywords
  • Create an outline for a page with the content
  • Write a 1,500 – 2,000 word page laid out with content and calls to action
  • Create a process for backlinking to your anchor page from other sites, your own blog content and pages and social posts.
  • Monitor keyword ranking over the next several months to see how the page performs for traffic.

This strategy creates a living asset with a call to action. Furthermore, it adds authority to your site.

Having anchor pages around:

  • Specific services or products
  • Geographic locations
  • Calls to action
  • A trending topic

Can be powerful to get found quicker and over the long-term. Let me know if you would like to design and work on specific anchor pages as part of your SEO strategy.