Finding Your Niche

You may be good at a million things. I have a son like that. He is an incredible athlete, musician, AND student! He can take his pick on what he likes best.

In your business, you may enjoy helping everyone. If someone has a need that may even be vaguely under your umbrella of services, you may take them on as a client.

Which is fine when you are starting your business. As a real estate agent, you may accept any home to market or sell. As a restaurant, you may offer all kinds of American cuisine. As a marketing professional, you may take on all projects from social media to web design and SEO.

It’s ok to say yes to everything in the beginning so that you can figure out where you like spending your effort most and with whom you like working best.

Pay Attention

But over time, you should pay attention to your energy and focus. Which projects are more of a drain? Which ones do you get lost in and just speed through as if no time has passed? What services sell best?

Be honest about them and begin to start saying yes to those that bring natural momentum and excellence and in your work and greater return in profit.

Be Specific

Don’t be afraid to claim your market niche. Give yourself permission to say, “I work with owners of luxury homes to sell their properties.” Or “I work with Investment Firms to help them grow their business.” The more specific you are, the easier it will be for people to remember what you do and share it with others.

Find Those Clients

Find better clients who fit that profile and stay creative in seeking them out in your network. You’ll find much greater joy and fulfillment in working with them in a niche you genuinely are passionate about.

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