Newsletters to Love

Who do you invite into your inbox regularly?

There are a handful of newsletters that I truly look forward to reading each and every week. They are the ones that I deliberately set aside time for, grab a cup of tea and let myself slow down to read the whole thing.

There are several others that I will often open, skim quickly, and then archive, but these are not like that. I know that I am guaranteed to find some inspiration, some new resource or idea that will help me in life – personally or professionally.

Favorite Newsletters

Here are my favorites:

I can tell that they all seek to make each letter personally engaging and valuable to all their readers. They respect my time and I value their expertise.

They all follow the best tips for newsletters which we seek to implement for our clients as well – focus more on the “letter” part of newsletter vs. the “news.” This keeps a reader engaged, and keeps it human.

Which newsletters do you love receiving? What is it about them that you appreciate? I’d love to hear!

Send Newsletters for Your Business

And if you are looking to start a newsletter for your own business, let me know, and we can explore what that could look like.

Some of our clients send a newsletter out weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. It just depends on your industry and how frequently you’d like to connect with them.

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