A Series of Conversations

I think at its core, business is human.

It’s about adding value in life – to the individual, family, or community – whether through a product, service, or employment.

At a simple level, products or services should make life either easier or more enjoyable, productive, meaningful or memorable.

Sometimes that need is sought out. But sometimes there’s a bit of education required to communicate that benefit to those who didn’t know it previously existed.

In my Arbonne business I have a mix of both. Sometimes people reach out to me because they hear the great results others have had upgrading their health in our 30 Days Program and creating sustainable habits and choices. Sometimes they are looking for another stream of income or a virtual business, and have heard I’ve found a great platform that allows a legit, fun way for income and growth.

But other times, I just reach out first to share with people who may be running so fast, they haven’t had time to think much about their health or career choices more than the status quo. I set up phone calls or Zoom meetings or coffee dates to reconnect or check-in.

I love catching up and listening well to hear where they are coming from and what issues, minor or major, they may be dealing with. And then, I love following up with a few creative ideas on how I may be able to help.

Sometimes it’s with a product, sometimes a referral, and sometimes it’s sharing about this amazing business opportunity.  Regardless, a door has been open for a series of conversations, and it’s those interactions that make life most rich and meaningful.

Sometimes they lead to a sale or a partnership down the road, but that journey is surely more of an art and magic in timing that a rigid science of predictions and quickly-drawn conclusions. I enjoy doing business with people who approach it similarly with great confidence and freedom. It’s human. 🙂


One thought on “A Series of Conversations

  1. I agree fully. Some people mistakenly adopt that mantra of “Always be closing,” but that is a giant turn-off and outdated compared to our modern day ability to have so many options. It’s about being human and connecting!


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