Loving the Variety

I am privileged to engage with such a variety of reading and experiences each day as we creatively walk through this blended life of businesses, school, and life.

Today was one of those days – Podcast Recording, doctor’s appointment, running outside in 20 degree temps, newsletter publications, sent off some Arbonne samples to friends, tennis lessons for kids, speech & debate practice and tailoring a suit for Gabe. And in between those activities, I was able to enjoy audio books during the drives and great reads with the kids.

Here’s what stuck from what I read:

The Miracle Morning

Whether it’s our routines or our relationships, it’s our responsibility to actively and continuously make them the way we want them to be.

There are so many ways to make excuses or blame our circumstances on others. But if we take full responsibility, then we tend to have greater creativity, perseverance, and attitude to weather the difficulties. It’s up to us to make experiences and relationships meaningful.

This book has been a fantastic catalyst for waking up a couple hours before the family and taking care of the important things in life, while enjoying the quiet moments of silence and serenity. It’s really added a new, keen focus to business and life.

The Nightingale

These questions are not about them, but about us. Don’t think about who they are. Think about who you are and what sacrifices you can live with and what will break you. p 126

One of the characters in this book was working through deep regret during the time of Nazi occupation. She had shared a list of names, including her best friend’s, with a German Nazi. The above response was from her mentor as an encouragement on what was most important to focus on. I can only imagine being in her shoes and the internal conflict with every decision.

I think much of life is like this though – we cannot always control the circumstances or the people around us, but we can control our decisions and responses to it. “Who am I?” is the main question to always ask.

Life of Fred

Every adult carries around sadness over mistakes that were made years ago. It is just part of being human. If you are human, you will make errors. That’s why hugs and forgiveness are so important.

I am always amazed at the life lessons that come from this series of math books. I want our kids to know that it’s okay and human to make mistakes. I think I grew up thinking I could avoid them in life and spent a lot of energy making sure I did! I wish I had have embraced this truth for myself earlier, as I tend to offer it freely to others. I hope our home is always filled with that freedom, many hugs, and true forgiveness.

The Story of the Von Trapp Family Singers

He (Captain Von Trapp) tried different businesses, but nothing thrives if done with an aching heart.

Oh man, I don’t know why the above quote got me. Perhaps because I think of what it would be like for Don or I to lose the other, just as Captain Von Trapp had lost his wife). Or perhaps I can just understand that when things aren’t pursued from a “whole” heart, the foundation is not solid. Sometimes people pursue things in order to compensate for another void, and it never can fully fill it.

When you are a child of the mountains yourself, you really belong to them. you need them. They become the faithful guardians of your life. If you cannot dwell on their lofty heights all your life, if you are in trouble, at least you want to look at them.The man who wrote three thousand years ago: “I will lift up mind eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help,” knew this, too. And even Our Lord, when He was weary and tired out and wanted to be alone with His Father, ascended a mountain.

I have no idea how I came to love and need the mountains so much. I grew up in one of the most flat places in the country! But once I climbed my first peak in the Adirondacks of New York, I was forever changed. Now I’m a mountain chaser and feel so alive when I see them all around me, when I hike up them in the summer or snowboard down them in the winter. I could stare at them all day – and add a sunrise or sunset, and I’m in heaven!

The Gift of Imperfect Parenting

So many great “guide posts” in this audio book for parents, but the one that stood out today had to do with play. She cited the definition of play is as something that has no purpose, something where you can lose track of time as well as lose an awareness of “self” (in a good way).

I love to have fun! I love to laugh! And explore and seek out adventure. And play sports. But real play. Just for fun. Without a purpose and where I can just be silly and goofy. Hmmm. I really want more and more of that. My kids have it, and I never want them to lose it. I think it’s important to have that as a culture as a family.

There are always a handful of other books Don and I are working through, as well as reading through with the kids. Just as our kids capture their own copywork sentences each day, I think it’s important to capture our favorite quotes or ideas as well to reflect and learn from – and then share with others. It allows us to make connections that impact all areas of our life, business or family.

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