I’m enjoying a new book, You Are a Bada** by Jen Sincero, with a group of other Arbonne Consultants this month. It’s both hilarious and inspiring. Basically it’s a wonderful kick in the pants to step into the meaningful, amazing life we have an opportunity to live.

This book is for those who want more out of life and want to go after big things. Or for those who aren’t even sure – but have an inkling – that they do. Why not?

There are so many lies that can keep us from this and that we can get stuck believing if we don’t take time to step back and evaluate them.  Some are subconscious about money or success that we learned as kids. Sometimes, we just let the traps of the regrets of the past or fears of the future taint our present awesome reality and keep us entangled. No good.

While I’m not necessarily on par with her all her beliefs on Energy, I have seen and do agree with the reality of attracting what we “seek” (usually subconsciously). When we see the world through a negative lens and get stuck there emotionally, that’s the world we tend to live in. I’ve seen the opposite happen as well – great things tend to come when we are looking for and expecting them in healthy ways.

That doesn’t mean that problems never happen. Of course they do, as Jen mentions – especially when trying to climb out of a status quo kind of life and start going after the amazing. But the struggles are to be seen as things to overcome. Just obstacles. Not U-Turn signs.

We can push through when we hold onto the belief that we are loved and created for a cool purpose. It can sound cheesy, until we realize it’s the foundational rock to cling to. It’s important to be honest about the unique individual we were made to be – to focus on the positive and to cheer ourselves on as our biggest fan does. Very freeing way to live.


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