Perfect Timing

I’ve always been that hopeless romantic that gets giddy when I show up at the right place at the right time – to meet a famous person or just connect with a new friend. I have a huge list of these types of experiences, and movies like Serendipity or Sleepless in Seattle are two of my all-time favorites!

But in business, there’s another kind of perfect timing that is not so dependent on chance or fate. If you are selling anything, you have surely had your share of some magical opportunities, but if you are like most salespeople, your own hard work, intentionality, and persistence are what have really converted leads to sales.

This week, I finally bought something that I’d been intending to purchase for a couple months. I knew that it would be good for me, but it required a bit of a commitment, so the timing never seemed right to buy.

But my friend who was selling it kept thoughtfully and casually putting it in front of me – at least three or four times. And this week, when she told me about it again, the timing was “perfect.” I chose to buy. I don’t think I would have ever gotten around it if she hadn’t have followed up so consistently, but I’m so glad she did.

She did not do it in a pushy or “salesy” kind of way. She knew it would be good for me, and just periodically reminded me that it was out there waiting for me.

I think we can all learn a lot from her!

Regular newsletters that are authentic and share valuable information keep you top of mind with your prospects. But also personalized emails or texts that are casual or informational also make a big impression. Following up after a sales call is also very helpful in this day and age when we are pulled in so many directions. Time seems to slip to through our hands, and so taking extra steps to make it easy for someone to buy or sign-up makes a world of difference. And lastly, really believing in your product and knowing it is the best thing for others cannot be feigned. Sales become natural and easy.

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