Landing Pages

If you ever were a saleswoman, now is your time to shine. 🙂

The Landing Page is for the person who needs your services, yet just needs that last final push to make the jump. Before visiting your landing page, they have likely read some of your content to be convinced of your credibility, but this is your chance to remind them of who you are, direct them to the articles that highlight what you know, and offer them natural reasons why they should hire you.

This page can be linked to at the end of relevant articles and will be easy to find within search results because we will be careful to include important keywords.

The best way to write this page is to put yourself in the shoes of a prospective customer. What would they like to hear? Speak to their situation more than you list off your credentials or experience. It’s a magical weaving of articulating their own “pain” and sharing your ability to help meet their need.

Your main goal for this landing page will be for someone to contact you with an interest to set up that first initial meeting. Therefore, choose one of the main services you imagine most customers will need. Then, just focus on that one service and that profile of a customer as you write the landing page.

Here is an example of Don’s landing page for Salesforce Consulting.

Notice the casual introduction, inclusion of customer experience, list of relevant articles, the multiple opportunities for someone to engage, and the multiple points of need a prospective customer might be grappling with.

Most importantly, though, keep it human and authentic.

Over time, as you link to this hub of an article, it will climb higher in Google’s search ranks and become a powerful selling tool for your business.

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