So, my husband has started a new habit each night before he goes to bed to reflect on the day and capture something that he is thankful for. He’s started a running stream on Twitter under “#gratitude.” I think it’s a fabulous idea. This year, one of my favorite books was One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voscamp. It was an inspiring reminder to really open my eyes moment by moment to the gifts around me. That everything was full of grace – the fun, the surprising, the smiles, but also the hard things.

For Thanksgiving this year, my sister set the table with beautiful placemats she’d created. Earlier, she had asked each of us for 3 things we were grateful for this year. I set them aside before our meal and am going to frame them somewhere in our home. I thought this might be a neat tradition to keep building on each year.

But for now, I wanted to make sure to capture those things we all mentioned. For the record, I didn’t edit them at all for my kids!

Don: Playing sports with the kids. A faithful and loving wife. New business clients.

Sonya: A husband I fall in love with and respect more every day. Kids who crack me up and keep life real. Instruments that fill our home with music.

Gabe: My phone. My new phones. Money.

Isaac: Trees, soccer, sushi, my dad, my mom, a bed, water parks, lacrosse, Doritos, and leopards.

Jadyn: I am thankful for a home, and a scooter, and food.

Below is the actual text my son, Isaac sent to my sister, Dee Dee. 🙂


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