Case Study – Susan Seay and A Powerful Moment

I remember the first time I met Susan. She was leading a monthly book club, and I showed up as a stranger, new to the city. I was warmly welcomed, and throughout the time together, extremely encouraged. Each month, the meeting was one of my main highlights. Susan was so wise. She had this ability to really hear the heart of a woman and humbly speak truth, grace, and encouragement to her.

Over the years, I was able to see Susan in many roles, organizing community events and homeschool conferences, hosting meetings with guest speakers in her home, etc. A natural leader, she would share new things she was learning in a way that made you want to jump on board, too or inspire women to help those in need.

Branding Package Leap

As a mom of 7 children, Susan has been at home, loving and training and teaching her kids. But last year, I started having this sense about her, that it was time for her to step out and reach even more women with her natural wisdom, experience, knowledge and talents.  I shared the idea with her, and (after several months 😉  was thrilled that she was sensing the same things! She signed up for the Branding Package in order to launch her venture, A Powerful Moment.

Susan is someone who dives in deep. She was ready to embrace the new world of technology, learning overall concepts like branding and platforms. We spent several initial conversations even just dialoguing about foundational questions like, “Who am I?” and “What do I have to offer?” After tackling those key questions, she was able to better define the goals and target audience for her mission: “Empowering and Equipping Good Moms to Be Great Moms.” Susan has always enjoyed sharing valuable resources and ideas that have worked worked for her, in hopes that they would benefit others as well. A Powerful is now a place where she can do this on a larger scale.

Working with Sonya Dalrymple

Susan shared about her experience working with us:

Sonya did such a great job of taking an absolute newbie, a woman who used email and Facebook, that’s it, and taught her to use technology that is making her husband jealous.  Even my teenagers are asking me questions and getting involved in my projects.  I would have never stepped into the great possibilities for my life without Sonya’s gentle but clear calling out.  Sonya is patient when you don’t understand and gracious enough to not make you feel dumb for asking.  If you are ready to step into the possibilities for your life, Sonya is the one who can give you a platform that will prepare you for a grand adventure.

I’m so excited for all that has opened up for Susan and for the women who will be able to hear her message.  Her writing carries a wealth of well-lived experiences, and her audio and videos will give you a larger peek into her personality and heart. If you are a mom, make sure to sign up for her mailing list! You will surely be encouraged!


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