Customer Profile: My-Cherie Haley of Shimmer & Bliss

A room lights up when My-Cherie Haley walks in. She just carries that aura of confidence, sincerity, and class. She is full of life, laughter, and passion that is most attractive to those around her.

My-Cherie owns Shimmer & Bliss, a company that makes hand-dyed air-silk scarves.  Now, these are not just any scarves. Their bold colors, light weight, and crinkled effect make them stand out in any crowd. They are extremely versatile, and can also be easily worn as a head-wrap, top, or sarong. My-Cherie has been making these scarves and selling them online and local boutiques for a few years.

She approached us recently as she was really wanting to grow her business and knew she needed a change – a stronger web presence, perhaps. As we got to know her business, we found that while she had several web software pieces in place, they were not cohesive and lacked an overall strategy to drive new leads.

Our inbound marketing package was just the right fit. We had to overhaul her site first to highlight content and make it easy for visitors to interact with her products, brand, and articles. We integrated all of her systems in order that her fans can stay connected via email, social media, and blog comments. We continue to publish weekly content that connects with her audience and builds her brand. Because of her new systems, she is driving increased traffic to her site every day.

We recently asked My-Cherie about this journey for her:

What has it been like working with us?

Actually it’s been exciting and productive. I feel like my website has come to life. It was stagnant before you took over, and now I get compliments on my site almost everyday. Make me feel good 😉

* What has been most valuable?

Most valuable has been my blog content. I love stories and writing, but don’t have a lot of time to do that. I really like the way you encourage and inspire me to write. I actually enjoy it when I have the time and when I don’t I can just tell you my ideas, and you can make it happen. Love that! Also, I’ve been doing better at time management thanks to you. You guys have really helped me to maximize my time to help meet deadlines. I’m a procrastinator, so I need that extra push to complete the task.

How does content marketing affect your business?

Wow, I’m getting so much more traffic to my website now that I have blog content. I had no idea that it would be that significant, but it has actually made a huge difference in my web presence.

Anything else to add?

Thank you for helping me bring my vision to life. It’s been AMAZING working with you and your team and I can’t wait to see what the future holds. It’s only up from here, baby!

And that is too true for My-Cherie.  She has an authentic belief in herself and her product as well as the perseverance to push through challenges. She has the ingredients for a successful product and company, as they are ultimately an extension of who she is. It’s a treat working with her each week and a blast to be part of this journey.

Take a look at her site and product and consider supporting her by purchasing a Shimmer & Bliss scarf.  She actually is having a spring promotion right now – Buy 1, Get 1 Half-Off. Perfect gifts for mothers, friends, or just a fun splurge for yourself.




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