When People Buy You

Our family has started a new evening tradition this week. We have been watching multiple episodes of Shark Tank on Hulu, gathered around our large screen computer with blankets and snacks, ready to hit pause at any moment to talk about what we see and hear.  It has been one of the most educational activities we have done this year!

One trend we notice is that most of the time (but not always), the “sharks” jump on board to make an offer when they are attracted to the owner, even though the product might just be “a slit in a towel.” They see something in them – passion, conviction, authenticity, vision. I think it’s that “something special,” that “spark of life” that makes us either sit back with a smile to watch with amazement or move forward to the edge of our seats and say, “sign me up” or “tell me more.”

As I keep meeting more and more women pursuing great things, I notice that they all have that “something special.” Their products, their services are really just an extension of who they are. Their customers come, sign up, or buy so that they can be connected to them in some way. My-Cherie, a recent customer, and owner of Shimmer & Bliss Hand-Dyed Scarves is one of those women that just immediately energizes a room with her life and joy. She said recently, “When people like you, they just want to buy something from you. Anything. Just because they like you.”

And not only that, but they want to know you. They like reading your story – past, present, and future. They’ve bought in, they support you, and they just want to stay connected. Make it easy for them. Update your blogsite regularly with stories that give readers a peek into your world – personal and professional. The stories will bring to life more of your product or service and the persona behind the vision.

Share your mission often, in a real way, why you do what you do.

Share those “blooper” moments that can be laughed about in hind-sight.

Share the day-to-day details that may be mundane to you but that help a reader feel like they are right there working alongside you.

Share your victories so that others can celebrate with you.

And share your heart, the people, experiences, and words that inspire you, as they will likely inspire your readers as well.

What is it about YOU that makes your product or service so compelling?


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