Calligraphy for Kids

After listening to Steve Job’s Stanford 2005 graduation speech again as well as watching the documentary on his life, I was inspired to buy some Calligraphy pens for my children. I have one child who has a natural eye and hand for art and beauty and was curious to see how he would like it.

He loves it!

I thought I would share the pens and book I chose, as there were a multitude of choices:

This book, Calligraphy for Kids has basic, step-by step instructions and exercises with beautiful examples and several variety of fonts to try.






I chose these pens from The Elegant Writer because of the variety of size options.  If you just want to purchase one pen, I’d suggest a 3.5 or 3.0 size to begin with.




Steve Jobs had no idea how influential his calligraphy course would be in his career. He said it gave him an eye and appreciation for beautiful design, layout, and of course, font. I have spent hundreds of hours myself learning and practicing calligraphy since I was a teenager, and am sure it has had its own intangible rewards.  I am curious to see how it impacts my own kids.

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