Music for Children

I am so glad to have a younger child – it gives me an excuse to still listen to Children’s singers like Raffi and Laurie Berkner.

If you have young children and haven’t heard of Laurie Berkner yet, check out her website, download a few tunes, and test her out with your kiddos.  I have a feeling you will all be humming her songs and moving around before you know it.

I like those songs that “stick” – either because they make kids move and dance – or because they capture my heart and have different layers of meaning.  For example, the words to Laurie’s song, “Song in my Tummy,” remind me of the different passions inside of us that are just itchy to be expressed.

Here are a few of my favorites for you to start with:

From The Laurie Berkner Band:

From Under the Shady Tree:

And from Buzz Buzz:

  • I’m A Mess
  • Telephone
  • I Really Love To Dance
  • Monster Boogie
  • There’s A Little Wheel a-Turnin’ In My Heart

Who are your favorite musicians for children? Which of Laurie Berkner’s songs do you like?





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