Each day confronts us with opportunities to be creative. When we choose to step into them, a habit of creativity, imagination, and problem solving is strengthened.

For our children, there are too many things that can distract them from the simple focus and attention of creative play. I came across the best list of toys for children and thought of the creative opportunities each one affords.

If given enough time to tinker and experiment, perhaps one day they can create something like this or this.

Nonetheless, we can all agree that creativity is of great value.  We pay high dollar for creative expressions of all different artforms – music, media, painting, etc. – because they strike a cord, almost divine. Many careers are solely dependent on creative problem solving. We all need creative ideas to address both every day and critical issues.

Over time, though, if not exercised, we can all become lazy in exercising our creative muscles.  We opt for the status quo and settle for the mundane.

I’m excited for a new book series we are editing and publishing titled “Guided Creativity for the Busy Thinker” which addresses this issue.  It is a short, but potentially life-changing book that helps equip us with fun exercises to get our creative juices flowing again. It gives us eyes to begin seeing the patterns and opportunities always around us in our normal, everyday routines. Bon Crowder has a unique way of joining math and creativity – perfect for us parents who are continually trying to maximize efforts and skill acquisition for our children.  We’ll keep you posted when the book is published.  It will be available digitally and in print.


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