Why Write?

Writing, to a writer is like breathing.  They can’t help it.  In the same way that an artist cannot help creating, or musicians cannot stop themselves from humming, tapping, playing — a writer must write.  It is a release, an outlet, an art form.

In the digital world though, where content is king, writing can happen for many different purposes.

  • To share knowledge and experience – We each have a specialty of knowledge and experience based on our home-life, city, habits, interests, and reading.  Because we spend 10,000 more hours with them than the next person, we have something valuable to share.  We can provide the first steps in the right direction for the person searching on a topic, just starting out, or exploring a new place, trend, or idea.
  • To inspire – Some people have a commanding or encouraging way with words.  They capture ideals, truths and stories in a way that inspires others to take action.  Even just sharing their own failures or experiences might inspire others as well. Motivation is timeless and is always in great demand.
  • To connect – Out of necessity, people are increasingly selective about what they choose to read. We live in a world where attention is scarce. So, we know that for others to read our content, we have to write in a way that connects  personally – resonating with a certain need, idea, or emotion.

Ultimately, writing should provide thought leadership. New ideas and insights which inevitably grow  a tribe of people who can benefit from what we share.  When writing takes place for these reasons, it is authentic, valuable, living. Others will seek out this writing and opt to stay plugged in.  We have gained permission to share value that might help improve their lives in some small or significant way.


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