Live in Your Sweet Spot

My husband and I have been playing more tennis lately.  I’ve had to re-familiarize myself with my swing after several months off.  It is astounding to me what a difference it makes in my hit when the ball connects with the “sweet spot” on the racket.  It is solid, controlled, and powerful.

As a business owner, we can experience the same successful “hits” when we connect with our natural sweet spot of talent.

Do you know your sweet spot?

It’s that place where time and space are clear and fun.  The problem has an obvious solution to you.  You move fast and free.

I love helping people find and live in that space.

Over the years, we have become experts in a specialized “strengths test.”  We’ve consulted with many people to help them understand their strengths and become more aware of their blind spots.

As most books on this topic will affirm, the important “aha” moment happens when people decide to just live in their sweet spot as much as possible instead of continually striving to improve their weaknesses.  Better to delegate and trust them to someone else to whom they are strengths!

Typical Owner Profiles

I’ve come to quickly spot all different personality profiles based on a few minutes of just listening to what people share and how they share it.  As an owner, you likely fit one of the following descriptions:

1.  Creative Designer – You have clear vision and see all opportunities.  You can create repeatable systems and processes for your business.  You lead yourself and others well.

2.  Persuader – You rally others to a cause.  You can sell anyone anything if you wanted to.  You enjoy living in your dreams and seeing dreams come true for others.

3.  Supportive Helper -You enjoy organizing for other people’s success.  You clearly see ways that your knowledge and expertise can help others in a way that is tangible and valuable.

4.  Influencing Designer – Your mind is always moving with tons of ideas.  You are highly energetic, great with people, and extremely innovative.

Outside the Sweet Spot

When we identify our sweet spots and accept their limitations, a natural byproduct of that acceptance is freedom.  We can feel freedom to hand off those areas that we find more tedious, frustrating, or even impossible.

A creative designer will eventually want someone else to manage and run the systems they created.  A persuader will need someone to set up those repeatable systems so that they are not just living from one unique sale to the next.  A supportive helper will want someone to help set vision and goals and also make the hard calls.  And an influencing designer will need a team to carry out their ideas and set parameters to make sure they can become a reality.

Let us know if you’d like to identify your own sweet spot.

Do you feel you are working in your sweet spot or your weak spot?



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