eBook Publishing

Never before has it been easier to be a bonafied published author!  Anyone who has an original idea, story, or system can now share it with the world.  In a book.  The publishing barriers to entry have been removed because we are no longer vying for shelf-space.  The initial investments now are not necessarily capital, but creative hard work.

If you have ever dreamed of becoming a published author, now is the time.

Many of us have content lying around in various places – journals, blogposts, notebooks, thesis papers, etc.  It just takes a concerted effort to consolidate the golden nuggets into something unified and valuable to others.

For non-fiction, this might require choosing one theme to expound upon.  For a narrative, you might need to fill in some gaps for linear clarity.

The key is in deciding on a launch date.  When you give yourself a deadline or milestone and actually commit to it, a heightened focus takes place.  Your momentum builds and drives you towards the goal.  Priorities naturally shift to make it possible.  Your first draft is within sight.

Do you have raw content that you’ve been dreaming about publishing?  What would it take for you to make this feasible?



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