Case Study: Betsy Dewey

Betsy came across my blog one day and said, “I want one, too.”

But what she meant was, “I have an enormous amount of knowledge, experience, and passion that I want to share with the world and need a venue to express it.”

Betsy had been to undergrad at Vanderbilt and grad school at UNC, traveled the world, wrote music, played/sang in bands, sold real estate . . . but then delivered her two sons at home, and that changed everything.  She became a mom with a mission.  She wrote a book about all that she learned, but was just keeping all of the golden nuggets to herself.

She decided to step forward with our company in order to build a brand for herself.  A place where she could house all of her advice and ideas.  A place where she could sell her book and future books, where she could be hired to speak to organizations who valued her passion and conviction.

It was an amazing journey to travel with her.  I remember getting a voicemail from her the first day she saw her website up with her name on it.  “Sonya, you make dreams come true,” she said. In other messages, she said, “Oozing with joy. . .how exciting!. . . with great exuberance. . . ”   We opened her eyes to this technological interconnected web culture, and she ran with it.  Within just a few days, she had multiple articles posted to her site, and within a couple weeks, she had habits of blogging daily and managing all of her systems online.  She was quickly growing a “tribe.”

Betsy is a mom with two boys.  She is still juggling night feedings, playdates, and chess club meetings, but in her free windows of time, she now has an outlet where she can communicate this flood of content continually streaming through her mind and heart.  She can know that she is impacting many lives.  She is growing daily.  And she’s making an investment that will have great return in future years when her windows of time get even larger.

Betsy says,

My experience working with Sonya and her team has been almost unbelievable. I could call it a dream come true. For a long time I wanted my own website from which to blog, sell my book, and book speaking gigs. I hooked up with Sonya and BLAM! There it all was. It was almost scary. It happened so fast, and I LOVE my website. I’ve gotten compliments on how lovely it is.  Sonya and her team are ON IT! I have learned more about internet technology than I thought was even out there. They are extremely responsive and thoughtful. As a stay-at-home-mom who plans to stay that way due to homeschooling, this working relationship was the perfect fit for me. I feel so well taken care of.

We love seeing women like Betsy step into something “bigger than themselves.” And then to realize that it “fits.”  We’re honored to walk this journey with her.  Visit her site at to learn more about homebirth and natural living and to keep an eye out for her new book, Birthright.

4 thoughts on “Case Study: Betsy Dewey

  1. Wow. I feel like a celebrity. 🙂 My first book, BIRTHRIGHT, is now available for download on Kindle and will be available on Nook, Ibook, and in print on Amazon in the next week or so. It’s amazing what having a team and some collaboration can accomplish! Bon and Son – you two would love each other. Everybody who is teaching anyone math (Sonya!) needs to check out Bon’s website:
    She makes math unbelievably exciting, approachable and COOL. I think she might change the world. Go moms and Momowners!

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