Taking the First Steps

How many times have you asked any of these questions:

  • What am I going to do after the kids are in school?
  • How can I pull in some extra income for our family right now?
  • I have invested many years of education and experience in my skill-sets or talents – is there a profitable way I can put them to use?
  • I’m ready to leave this company, but where do I land when I do?
  • How can I make a difference in people’s lives?

Many thoughts like these might be going through your mind in the shower, in the car, whenever you have a moment of quiet to just think for a minute.

As women, we often pour our heart and soul into others – if moms, then usually the biggest beneficiaries are our children, and yet, for many of us, there is still this nagging feeling that we could be doing more. We have capacity to do more.

“Is that even possible?” we wonder, though.

It is.

But it often requires one big first step.  You might not even know what exactly you want to do, but you want to do something. Write. Teach. Speak. Create. Help. Lead. Perform.  There’s a certain passion welling that just needs an outlet before you burst.

That first big step is just to decide that you will. Stop allowing yourself to wonder when or how or what. And just decide, “Yes!”

And then, I would say that the next step is to just choose an area to focus on. I’m sure you are an expert in many. Even as moms, we have surely earned PhD equivalents in project management, sales, and counseling, among others.

But what things excite you most? Where do your thoughts wander most frequently in your down-times? What could you teach someone to do “in your sleep”? What comes easiest to you that other people would find valuable because it is not as easy for them?

Many of those things would be worthy to begin pursuing as an income generator if you are willing to take the first steps to give yourself an opportunity to try.

What have you found that keeps you from taking those first steps?

3 thoughts on “Taking the First Steps

  1. Sonya, it’s been a while since I’ve visited your site, and I think this is just great! Your words here remind me of Oprah’s parting lesson, on her last show: find your dream and go for it. You do such a service for people in helping them with this. And you’re so encouraging and knowledgeable–you’re the perfect woman for the job. My favorite posts of yours recently are the ones where you talk about the women you’ve helped. Hearing their stories is truly inspiring, from so many angles. Brava, Sonya!

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