Mom Owners

Mom Owners was inspired from moms like you.  Moms like me.

Moms that might have had degrees or careers but then dived deep into the world of diapers, board books, playdates, and family hikes.

We never stopped learning or growing, but some of our focus had shifted because of time constraints.  Instead of keeping up with latest political trends or industry news, we were reading about sleeping habits, learning development, and child psychology.

Some of those previous unique, personal passions and pursuits might not have changed – they were just piled over for a little while with dirty diapers and finger paints.  And for some, Mommyhood has totally changed us into new beings with completely new interests.

But for all of us, as we are able now to look up out of the sleepless fog of the infant years, we have a clearer perspective.  And we even, maybe, maybe have glimmers and slivers of the precious commodity of time.  Time to think and question and wonder.

What am I going to do when these precious kids are off on their own?  These preschool years have flown by; everyone tells us the rest speed up at incremental rates!

How can I invest the little time I have right now so that it has a greater return once future opportunities seem more tangible?

Mom Owners gives you the opportunity to make that investment right now.

Brand yourself by writing, capturing all of your knowledge and expertise in words that can “live” and “give back.”  One day the words could turn into a book that you can sell or a platform to charge speeches from.

Start charging for a service – lessons, consultations, technical, etc. – but brand yourself in a way that is professional, and have systems that are manageable, in order to kick-start your clientele base.

Mom Owners walks the journey with you, step-by-step navigating through this complex web of internet technology and online presence.  If you have been completely out of the game for a few years, it might feel like signing up for another degree.

But if you have been dabbling with blogging, a side-business, or even sub-contracting, you will find that Mom Owners helps you to put all the systems together in a strategic way that actually positions you to grow your business.

I look forward to meeting you and walking this journey with you as moms owners.

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