So you have a new website, but how do you attract new leads? How do you make it easy for people to learn what you do without having to officially contact you? Is there a professional way you can educate prospects on your value and increase their intrigue enough to reach out with a phone call or email?


You have to create a sales funnel.

We provide this service to help those that visit your website for the first time and are interested in learning about you and how you can practically solve their problem.

A sales funnel helps to build trust while educating your prospective customers with extreme value. It’s a way of staying top-of-mind and building a relationship with welcome emails.

Sales Funnel Process

We can help set up this lead generation system as follows:

1. Wireframe a landing page.

Bring the problem you solve into a clear message.

2. Create Valuable Content.

A downloadable pdf, videos, or clear “how-to” steps which people will value.

3. Design an email campaign.

Using automation with email, we will design and send out helpful emails to your subscribers to build trust and solve their problem.

Accelerating Leads

We will help and advise you in different options to direct people to your site. They may visit via search, social media, paid advertising, or an email newsletter.

We will grow your list and help set up conversations with this sales funnel approach around solving a specific problem. This is about trust and relationships using technology, content and systems:

When people do not know you, there is low trust. If you can have a clear message, provide real answers and solve their problems, you can build trust.

With trust, you can have the conversations you desire to sell them your services and products.

We Design and Build Your Sales Funnel

We will work with you to build the content for your various pieces in the sales funnel. The forms, lead-generating pdf’s and email automation will take work, but we have a process to lead you through the design and implementation of your sales funnel.

1. Interview

We spend a couple hours in dialogue with you to understand your product/service and clarify your messaging.

2. Create Content Sequence

We consolidate graphics, talk through bullet points of a natural sequence of education with a compelling call to action.

3. Test Site and Emails

Together, we will walk through the entire sequence as a prospect and make sure the message and sequence are clear.

Sales funnels work because they are a natural way people buy.

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