Escaping Town

“You come home to a note on your door saying, ‘You’re in danger, leave the city, but don’t tell anyone.”

We were preparing for this moment all our lives. We read our history books and were familiar with stories of families who decided to flee at a moment’s notice when they began noticing shifts in their environment. Whether it was weather, war, or political danger, we knew that we never wanted to be the ones left behind.

And yet, when I saw the note on our door, it was surreal. It’s like I had entered a movie and wasn’t living my normal life as a wife and mom of three teenagers in Breckenridge, CO.

Over the last year, we had gotten involved in several organizations and befriended many people. We were enjoying the small-town feel of this mountain life.

However, recently, we had noticed random things happening. A strange car would drive up our long driveway and then turn around and head out. Our other car had been keyed in the grocery store lot. We were all getting spam phone calls, and our kids had the sense that they were being watched and that all of a sudden all their teachers turned cold towards them.

What was going on? I had to get in touch with Don, but he was away for for business in another country. Did that have anything to do with the note? Was it safe to call him?

I decided to sit on the porch for a moment and wait for our kids to come home from school. They were following right behind me…

This was a FICTIONAL roughdraft I wrote a couple weeks ago, inspired by a journal prompt I shared with the Young Writers Club at BreckCreate. (We meet each Tuesdays, 5-6:30 PM, Breckenridge) It was fun to “try on” a different style of writing for a change.

I’m always amazed at the creativity and vocabulary of teenagers! Their imagination puts me to shame! I love leading this club and watching the creative sparks fly as they scribe, and the hesitation and then growing confidence as they share their work with others. I want to encourage them in a lifetime of courage and writing.

We are kicking off our third Edition of Imagine this year! Imagine 2020 will be published in May, but we are taking submissions NOW for writing and artwork from Summit County Youth.

If you have a student in Summit County, please have them visit: to make their submission. Deadline for submission is December 13th.

It’s been an honor to catalyze and facilitate this publication for students in this community.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

5 thoughts on “Escaping Town

  1. OMG, you’re seriously going to leave me there?!!! No, I need to know more!! Please share more of this with all of us, but at least with me!! Im assuming you guys ok?!! Yes? Holy Cow, I need to know more! Big hugs! Ellen

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  2. Oh, Ellen!!! This was FICTION! I just updated the post to make it clear. Thanks so much for your love and care! All is well! 🙂 Miss you much!

  3. When I was reading this I didn’t know that it was a fictional story you’re writing . I kept wondering what? What? Why didn’t she call me? Glad when I got to the end saw the little footnotes ❤️ Sent from my iPod


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